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     Parents please order sneakers yourselves. They are Chasse Ace II  www.omnicheer.com                                                                                             Fundraiser* -   Each cheerleader must purchase 1 t-shirt.  Our fans shirts will be worn at games and this is your opportunity to fundraise. Sell a line for $10.00 each. That money goes directly back to your cheerleader.  T-shirts will be short sleeve.                                                                     

      We will have an order form for additional orders for parents.  Shirts will also be available in longsleeve.  More info to follow.                                                   

Important Dates to remember:                                                                 

Cheer clinic - April 30, 2017                                                                         

Cheerfest - October 28, 2017 @ John Jay High School                                                                      


As a reminder for the beginning of the season:                                                                

      A packet of forms that will need to be filled out by the start of the season will be emailed out to you around July 2017.                                       Please remember that a small current photo, copy of the birth certificate, and a copy of all 4 quarters from the previous school year are required.  The packet includes 1 form that needs to be signed and stamped by the child's physician.  Any questions please email Jenn or Sheila at www.sdpcheerleading.com